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Here we come! 10 days and counting, officially scuba certified, countless orders from amazon prime, apartment loaded in storage, nothing packed in our bags and still trying to figure out this website.


Oh ya - Did I mention I'm also trying to finalize a venue for my wedding before we leave!?


 alert: If you didn't know, on November 27th Sean asked me to marry him!!! 😉


Needless to say, this is definitely the most exciting time in my life. Sean and I are finally making our dreams a reality. We can't wait to explore the unknown, meet new people, experience different cultures and taste a ton of delicious food!

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  1. So happy for you guys … was awesome seeing you at Christmas, Laura … always in my thoughts and prayers … love you … Auntie Barbara

  2. Hi laura and sean
    Soo glad to hear from you and your trip sounds so exciting. Be safe and enjoy every minute

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