Lima, Peru

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Tres Dias In Lima, Peru


Dia 1:  It's a 3am wake up call in São Paulo to catch a flight to the 2nd country we will explore on our worldly travels, PERU!  When we arrived on the plane we scored a great seat next to the window and the plane was equipped with the most amazing thing ever... a foot rest and Tetris!!!  We battled for first place for 3 hours… Sean won.

After landing in Lima we asked our cabbie to drop us off at the Plaza de Armas, a quick stop to explore the main square in central Lima before settling into our new home in Miraflores neighborhood for the next 3 nights. The cabbie didn't happen to mention that there was a parade, a common occurrence on a Sunday and a great way to begin experiencing a new culture...

Lima Peru
Lima, Peru
Lima, Peru Parade
Lima Peru

We eventually broke away from the parade to grab our first Peruvian breakfast.  Sean picked a signless restaurant on a side street and ordered the "daily breakfast special"... papaya, eggs, yucca potatoes and whatever else we could make out from the menu text and Laura ordered tortilla de verduras (vegetable omelette over rice).  When our food arrived Sean's was served lukewarm blended in a massive glass (pictured below)... we ended up sharing the tortilla.

By days end we arrived in Miraflores, "home".  The location was absolutely perfect, we were across the street from a park filled with lounging families sitting above the Pacific Ocean filled with surfers. We also caught an amazing sunset... 

Miraflores, Lima, Peru
Laura being Laura

Dia 2:  We spent our second day in Lima exploring different neighborhoods... hung on the beach and walked through beautiful  Miraflores, got Laura a Starbucks green tea (she had been craving one) in the shopping district of Larcomar (a mall conveniently situated on a cliff) and grabbed a few drinks in the artsy neighborhood of Barranco...

Laura being Laura...again

Dia 3:  We dedicated today to FOOD... because we love food. Ceviche is a culinary specialty in Lima. The dish is made from fresh raw fish cured in citrus juices and spiced with chili peppers.  Ceviche is usually accompanied by side dishes that complement its flavors, such as sweet potato, lettuce, corn, avocado or plantain. 


At our first restaurant we ordered the original Ceviche and Cancha, a popular snack in Peru - it is made with a special type of large-kerneled corn called maíz chulpe.  The dried kernels are tossed with oil and toasted in a hot skillet until they are browned, then sprinkled with salt.  Delish!  So were the few beers we had with it!


After our first meal we went onward for more food!  Our next stop, Hijo de Olayaor for ceviche served in a different style.  The dish, the infamous Leche de Tigre 'Tiger's Milk', the Peruvian term for the citrus-based marinade that cures the seafood in a ceviche... damn good!


Since we were super full after our second meal and mas cervezas, we decided the only logical next move would be...  ice cream.


We headed back to Miraflores grabbed two ice cream drumsticks and chilled in the park... oh, and Laura insisted on getting a churro too! 🙂


Off to CuscoMachu Picchu... 

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    1. We are grateful for each moment, it is so special! Looking for the best food is always a must! We love and miss you guys!! xxo

  1. Fabulous pictures.
    Enjoy looking at all of them from the different areas you have traveled through
    Both of you look great and so glad you are having this wonderful experience!

    1. Thanks so much.. we’ve already seen so much and we are only 3 weeks in! Glad you are enjoying our blog!

    1. Haha, we kept looking back at the kitchen for the rest of his meal. It took us a good 10 mins to realize his whole breakfast was in the glass!! 🙂

  2. Each picture is a new slice of your adventures, completely enjoying each and every one. The foods sound and look so delish well with the exception of Seans pureed breakfast 🙂 and the places you have stayed are lovely. Killer sunsets!!!!

  3. You’re doing an amazing job on your blog! Thanks for sharing with such great photos. Happy you’re having so much fun.

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