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4th of July celebration, Santorini

We have spent the past month traveling with friends and family, sailing the Greek Isles and boating along the Amalfi Coast, truly an amazing leg of our travels that we have very much been enjoying!  Naturally we are a month behind on our blog, here is a quick post from where we last left off... the 4th of July.


We would have LOVED to spend the 4th of July in the good old US of A (shout out to TL, still the best 4th around!) however our travels have brought us to Santorini, Greece... and not a bad place at all to celebrate!


We flew from Dubrovnik, Croatia with Jill and Joe to Santorini to meet up once again with LJ, who flew in from Berlin, and friend Kevin, who flew in from Indonesia, for a weekend filled with American flags, sparklers (our fireworks), hamburgers, classic rock, beers and of course lots of tzatziki!


The weekend was a blast and Santorini, with its whitewashed cliffside villages towering above the deep blue Aegean, is easily one of the most beautiful places on the planet.  A few favorite memories from a memorable weekend...


the streets of Oia
the streets of Oia
volcanic rock and the Aegean
volcanic rock and the Aegean
the crew goes cliff jumping
the crew goes cliff jumping
seafood on seafood
seafood on seafood
the crew at our casa
the crew at our casa
photo shoot with a view
photo shoot with a view
God Bless America!!!
God Bless America!!!

After the 4th it was off for some wine tasting...


Sunset wine tasting.  Fact, Greece had THEE best sunsets anywhere we have been in the world...


The celebration continues...


An amazing time with amazing people!


However our most anticipated part of our adventure was about to commence, as the next few weeks we would be meeting up with both of our parents for the first time in over 6 months!


First up, off to meet Sean's parents, Don and Marsh, Aunt Lil and Uncle Aug, and friends for some Greek island sailing on the Aegean!!!

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  1. You two are amazing…just like the time you are having! So glad that we were able to hook up in Greece.

  2. Ooo I love Santorini. My single favorite day when I spent my 4 months traveling was renting a 4-wheeler and driving around Santorini. Beautiful guys!

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