Here is the game plan for our 2016 World Tour.  Please note this is subject to change, however, we would love to meet up with you along the way!  So, if you have any interest in meeting us at any of the below locations during the journey please contact us and we can figure out a plan on how to make that happen... as we would love to see you! 🙂


P.S. - If you know anyone who hangs in the below countries that we should meet up with feel free to make an intro!

The (tentative) Game Plan...


  • January & February:  South America  (Brazil, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina)
  • March:  Africa  (South Africa, Namibia, Morocco)
  • April, May, June & July:  Europe  (too many places to name!)
  • August, September & October:  Asia  (China, Japan, Mongolia, and majority of Southeast Asia)
  • November & December:  Australia, New Zealand

Places We've Been...